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      ◆ Oil preheat function;
      ◆ Rapid pressure jointstest point (provided) ;
      ◆ Hot runner heating control up to 22 main channel and 196 sub channel automatic precise control;
      ◆ Remote diagnostics and remote monitoring;


      • 11.jpg


        ◆ Simple, intuitive control of the entire system including molding machines, molds and auxiliary equipment via PC color touch screen;

        Easier approachable control operating system;

        ◆ Data can be stored on USB devices and hard drives;

        Multi-level password protection and data entry;

        ◆ Chinese screen language online can switching into any national language;

        Whole closed-loop control system;

        ◆ Machine data and formula data can be stored;

        Production counter alarm function;

        ◆ Barrel and injection room heating coil soft start function;

        Closed loop oil temperature control system;

        ◆ Oil preheat function;

        Rapid pressure jointstest point (provided) ;

        ◆ Hot runner heating control up to 22 main channel and 196 sub channel automatic precise control;

        Remote diagnostics and remote monitoring;

        ◆ C.E.N safety and electrical safety module;

        Machine are used almost infinite life magnetostrictive displacement sensor;

        ◆ The real-time display of the injection speed, injection pressure, clamping pressure and mold moving speed, setting value comparison with the actual value;

        The description of the alarm display;

        ◆ Automatic clear material features easy startup and shutdown discharge;

        Compression cycle to further reduce the cycle time;

        ◆ Machine shockproof base.

        Machine Parameters:


      • Feature:

        ◆ Optimized double toggle 5:00 oblique type clamping mechanism design, and structural design through finite element analysis;

        Auto mode automatically adjusts the system really need each mold clamping force;

        ◆ Clamping with full closed-loop control system, servo valve control cylinder, so that the control is more precise, more stable;

        With low pressure mold protection, the true realization of the mold protection;

        ◆ Optimized design templates make it more uniform distribution of clamping force and reducing the required clamping tonnage;

        Rod space can accommodate a larger and larger mold cavity mold more spacing;

        ◆ Mold opening and closing speed pressure curve;

        ◆ More pressure ejection system combines central auxiliary ejection device;

        Security doors, electrical and hydraulic safety interlock device;

        ◆ Highly integrated mold cooling water system;

        Pneumatic hot runner control system;

        ◆ The top of the auxiliary blowing function;

        More efficient fast automatic mold thickness adjustment means;

        ◆ Clamping unit standard top cover device.


      • 1111.jpg


        ◆ Double servo motor driven mechanical robot for billet, double motor loading on the bilateral drive, offset by the load center to the driving point bias side overturning moment, the symmetry of the layout design to start, stop walking, more stable, fast and steadily from blank;

        Reverse blank functions independently of the main blank fetching function, take only the perform out-wall cooling, the blank taking loading lighter, more efficient implementation of billet;

        ◆ Alpha Lenze servo motor with reducer, precise positioning;

        ◆Reverse blank functions independently of the main blank fetching function, can increase the preform inner-wall air cooling, double cooling down the preform inner &outside , balance down preform inner&outside temperature, balanced release of preform stress, effectively reduce the internal stress of the preform; to achieve a more rapid decrease of preform temperature, effectively shorten perform cycle time;

        ◆ Safety door interlock reset, ensure safe and reliable;

        ◆ High-speed, accurate, reliable servo drive system.

      • The new design of screw application of high performance multi-threaded, rapidly and effectively promote the separation during transport, a substantial increase in the melt plasticizing capacity and quality, whether it is the value of AA or IV to melt and fuse exchange not fully melted plastic granule down, have reached the international advanced level, Germany kondler servo motor drive melt, with advanced continuous melt control technology significantly improved plasticizing efficiency, ensure efficient while reducing energy consumption; special mixing screw design allows the product to achieve the color mixing effect a better state.



        ◆ Specially designed for PET Injection Molding Systems Level 2;

        ◆ Separate extrusion and injection machine function allows continuous plastics, lower values of AA and higher energy efficiency (Level 2 injection unit);

        ◆ Accumulator assisted injection;

        ◆ Closed loop injection speed and back pressure, conveying control system ensures greater precision injection;

        ◆ Direct slicing pipeline annex;

        ◆ Slice entrance line temperature detection means;

        ◆ Closed loop electric plasticizing system;

        ◆ Injection holding pressure based on location, time, and the hydraulic pressure;

        ◆Cleaning safety door interlock device;

        ◆ Cartridge support base;

        ◆ Screw and barrel more convenient maintenance;

        ◆ Saving ceramic heating ring;

        ◆ Screw cold start protection function;

        ◆ Special screw design for PET materials;

        Pneumatic hopper switching function, the control panel by the operator of the supply and cut slices.

      • The hydraulic filtering system of our equipment fully considered each link of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil circulation system, high pressure output oil, return the oil. The oil filter is installed in the pump suction port, a high pressure filter installed in the outlet of the oil pump, high pressure filter installed in the pilot precision servo valve control oil, recycling oil and equipped with on-line filtration system to clean hydraulic system.



        ◆ Germany REXROTH variable pump technology, with stepless flow regulation, control time is short, low noise and long life and other characteristics;

        Central hydraulic station integrated installation Germany HYDAC accumulator, the hydraulic system so that more traffic, and more energy-efficient;

        ◆ Opening and closing the mold, ejector, plastic injection and transport materials using high-performance motion control and servo control system MOOG servo valve to ensure the consistency of each action and precise implementation of the product;

         Germany HYDAC high flow precision filter to ensure the cleanliness and quality of oil.

      • The company introduced a new generation of the most advanced technology-based injection molding machine control system Beckhoff PC based platform. It is ensure the implementation of real-time and accurate feedback command, ensure that the mechanical action fast and stable; compatibility of the system better and more powerful development platform based on windows user interface, functionality, and ease of operation and diagnosis; innovative industrial design of the control panel interface clear, easy to operate; storing records, data tracking, timely control machine health, preventive measures, greatly reducing the losses that may exist.Specifically the following advantages:



        ◆ Steady and rapid production cycle;

        Fast PLC execution cycle;

        ◆ High-performance PC and a fast I/O;

        Fast communication capacity of the control member;

        ◆ Self-correction and adaptive control methods;

        Remote diagnostics, real-time monitoring;

        ◆ Advanced various speeds, pressure, temperature and 

           other control algorithms and energy-efficient control strategy;

        ◆ User-friendly design and interface;

        Widely used in a meaningful realistic icons for intuitive operation;

        ◆ Button operation least number of steps to achieve the fastest access to information;

        Heating time;

        ◆ Automatic latex;

        Automatic identification of mold, Gelin swelling - shrinkage temperature compensation;

        ◆ Understand the precise alarm function;

        ◆ Detailed record of operational events;

        ◆ Support OPC, DLL and other data collection for intelligent manufacturing expansion interface.

      • Feature:

        ◆ All templates pre-hardening process, are made of S136 high strength steel corrosion, hardness greater than 48HRC;

        Compact precision molds overall structure, disposable mold clamping, all template processing, and ensure shaped hole, the concentricity of the guide bushings of the overall high precision mold;

        ◆ Drawing board to open and close using the slide bearing type Germ structure, made of S136 high strength steel corrosion, reliable structure, opening the mold clamping step overall coordination of all parts of the sliding contact surface inserts - embedded self-lubricating copper alloy, friction coefficient, durable;

        The main structural components consistent with foreign brands, high positioning accuracy of each member, and the demolition odd jobs quickly;

        ◆ Reasonably fast spiraling cycle of water, can achieve rapid cooling effect, to shorten the preform molding cycle;

        Adopt double cone positioning principle, high precision manufacturing to produce the product will flash, different sizes, product defects and other adverse eccentric; screw tooth Switzerland procurement processing equipment, mold core cavity processing equipment used by the US, size accurate and consistent;

        ◆ Each molded parts are surface-treated hardened friction surface with a stable, consistent and durable.


        72 Pet Mould48 Pet Mould32 Pet Mould

        Pet MouldPet MouldPet Mould

      • PET Dehumidifier

        ◆ PLC control panel for controlling the heating and hopper feed hopper;

        Continuous level sensor means;

        ◆ With glass material level inspection window;

        100mm thick thermal insulation and covered with embossed aluminum;

        ◆ Stainless steel towers molecular sieve structure;

        Each tower are equipped with armored stainless steel heater regeneration;

        ◆ Copper air / air cooling switching means;

        Automatically switches to the dew point dehumidification Machine and time;

        ◆ Working dew point -55℃;

        Safety thermostat during the blower inlet, it can protect the blower over-temperature shut down the machine and have a higher level of security with a metal plate shell structure.


        PET Mold Dew Dehumidifier


        ◆ Using PLC controller ;

        Manage cooling and dehumidifying circuit, temperature sensors, pressure switches and aerial dew point automatic control systems supported;

        ◆ All parameters of the machine can be monitored and operated on the color touch screen;

        Automatic pump-out device with level sensor;

        ◆ Efficient dehumidifying wheel and reproducing system.

        Screw water cooled chiller

        ◆ Adopt international famous brand energy efficient screw compressors;

        Uality and efficient energy production brass condenser, evaporator and the world famous brand control components;

        ◆ The advantage of small size, low noise, high energy, long life, easy operation;

        Exquisite and delicate appearance design and reliable and stable performance and quality in similar products outstanding.


        Preform Packing Machine


        ◆ Preform packing machine;

        Use PLC controller;

        ◆ Accurate counting;

        Effective protection of the preform be abrade.

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